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Platinum 2000
Platinum 2000

Platinum 2000

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Luxurious rest awaits you with the Platinum Pocket Spring System & a plush comfort pillow top layer. Sleepfresh Technology for anti-allergen control and Coolcell foam plus side air vents for maximum airflow and breathability.

What’s Inside? Medium - Soft Support: the Platinum 2000

Offers medium to soft support

Sleepfresh Technology: includes a natural probiotic ActiPro stopping dust mites & bacteria

RespaForm Pocket Spring System: individually pocketed springs for added comfort & support

Extra Strength Frame & Sides: increased comfort, strength and durability

Pillow Top: additional comfort layer of padding for added comfort & a floating feel

Thermo Regulation: keeps you cool with Coolcell open cell foam

Air Vents: added side air vents help to increase airflow and breathability

Non Turn: this is a non turn mattress simply rotate