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We stock a vast selection of fabric qualities has been curated specifically from the leading suppliers in the market. Simple and yet very stylish, a Roller blind is a fantastic way to transform windows in any room, with the benefit of having additional functions such as light control or moisture resistant options.

This ensures the creation of exquisite fabrics options tailored for you to meet various light-filtering needs of your home

Visit our comprehensive fabric library & let us advise you of the best options for your space  

Printed Roller Fabric Options


A simple, plain weave structure to allow light to be gently diffused into the room


Created using a 3-layer process of light-blocking substrates, which will prevent light penetrating through the fabric


A couple of different weave techniques are available to create further interest in the cloth. A slub-effect or a regular cross-hatch style are both easily-to-live with textures


With the addition of a blackout coating, the textured fabrics will now block out light coming through


 A tightly woven fabric is coated on both sides with a moisture-resistant layer to make cleaning effortless.


The intricate and delicate structure of this high-quality base filters the light, elevating the print design, creating a stunning effect, especially when showcased as a single-colored silhouette.


This technical fabric has a 3% or 5% openness factor to reduce the glare of bright sunlight entering the room.

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